(Horizontal Lifeline)

Utomo FPS is using Latchways Lifelines that are known worldwide for their versatility and ease of usem making them the ideal choice for protecting workers as they go about day to day activities like maintenance, cleaning, inspection and more.

MSA Latchways with Utomodeck customized for virtually any structure or unique requirement, MSA precisely engineered horizontal systems are built to work in all areas of industry, construction and maintenance. Installation include retail outlets, stadiums, transmission towers.

We committed to bringing you the best!
In quality, versatility and satistification, MSA continues to work closely with major roofing manufacturers to produce a full range of fall protection systems for all designs and types of roofs.

Constant Force Post Components
Recognizing the importance of installing a fully compliant solution to all major roof constructions, manufacturers across the globe were consulted to create a brilliantly compatible anchor: the Latchways Constant Force post. With just a handful of components, the constant Force Technology can be designed to fit nearly any roof configuration.

Latchways Transfastener
The user, wearing a full body harness and energy-absorbing lanyard, is continuosly attached to the system with a Transfastener, MSA’s innovative device that can rotate its way through the intermediate cable supports. For systems with no entry terminal, a Removable Transfastener can be used.