UTOMODECK with MSA Latchways Lifeline Systems are trusted around the world to ensure workers’ safety on all manner of structures. Featuring our brilliantly engineered guided Type Fall Arrestors (GTFA), the MSA Latchways systems offer outstanding personal safety for those working at height, particularly in the telecom, agriculture, utility and energy industries. The TowerLatch and LadderLatch units emphasise inherent flexibility, meaning they can be configured for a wide variety of applications, including ladders, towers, masts, monopoles, silos and other structures specific to these industries.

Dedicated to Safety

  • Flexible system: Vertical, horizontal, inclined, easily combined with ladders, bespoke
  • Flexible freedom: Each systems’ universal attachment device rotates freely through
    intermediate cable guides for continuous hands-free protection
  • Load control: In the event of a fall, the load applied to the worker is limited to a maximum
    of 6 kN by either a Constant Force absorber at the top of the system or a webbing energy
    absorber on the device
  •  Inspection: Tension and visible deployment indicators provide immediate confirmation
    the system is safe to use
  • Pedigree: Database of 2000 tower types
  • Usability: Suitable for 3 users at the same time (400kg)
  • Reliability: Proven problem free field use (15 years)
  • Engineered to Last: Life expectancy 30+ years