Specialty Solutions

construction1Z-CHANEL dan C-CHANEL 

Z – Chanel and C – Chanel can be used as a single-span and continuous span or as needed in buildings. When used as continuous span will give considerable strength in the roof structure.



Z purlin flasing meet the needs of a large building with a long distance for a portal frame – length , one -piece flasing purlin a number of features make Utomo flasing purlin attractive and economical as eave purlin and flasing combined : it may be given without the connection plate bwegalur web and strengthens the external face flush . Utomo standards purlin bolts hidden in the flute . no special bolts fascia . the top flange can be rolled up at an angle of 84 to 120 to install a roof from 6 to 30 The bottom of the leads 84° WA 120° formed to provide a simple 6° panatapan 30° sheeting walls