Utomo Solaruv

About Utomo Solaruv

Utomo Solaruv Road Thin Film Power Group, one of the world’s leading thin-Im solar power corporations, has now established itself as the leader in the global thin-Im solar power industry, committing to “Change the world with thin-Im solar.”

By focusing on thin-Im solar energy as its main strategic channel, Utomo Solaruv Road has been able to use its world leading technology to cover the integration of the whole industrial chain, including technology research and development, high end equipment manufacturing, component production and application product equipment, to develop into a world-leading-thin-Im solar technology enterprise.

Product Operation & Maintenance
Utomo Solaruv Road has always been customer-focused, centering all key product designs on 3 main spheres – “life, travel, utility” and continuosly researching and developing innovative, high quality products and solutions, to transform every ordinary item into a solar power generator and allow the application of solar energy to go beyond the imagination, making energy freely available everywhere. Currently, Utomo Solaruv Road’s thin-Im solar products have been widely used to build roofs, walls, roads, cars, ships, shared bicycle, unmanned drones, satellites, portable outdoor chargers, electronic equipment, and special equipment and soon. In order to meet the urban demand for reduced energy consumption, Utomo Solaruv Road aims to launch a comprehensive eco-city solution to facilitate the construction of “eco-friendly, low-carbon, beautiful cities”. A real energy revolution has begun and Utomo Solaruv road is seizing the opportunity created by the global energy transition and low-carbon development by focusing on the thin-Im solar industry chain, continously promoting the industrilization and marketization of thin-Im solar technology, enabling thin-Im solar technology, the truly green solar technology, to benet the world, and gradually achieving the great mission of “changing the world with thin -Im Solar energy”