Private: Utomodeck Specialty Solutions

Mobile System


Utomo Mobile System is a revolutionary invention that has been patented by PT . Utomodeck the roof of a mobile production system in a field with a length not limited to any landscape, as the solution to leaking risk and cost of transportation from the roof of a conventional connection .

Mobile system wave roofing is fit for: aircraft hangar, factory building, sport building, etc.

Material : colored coated Zincaluminium , Embossed Aluminum , Stainless Steel and other – other (materials as needed project).

The advantages use Utomo Mobile System are:

1. Continuous length roofing as project needed.

2. Safe ( not broken , no blisters ) .

3. Avoid damaged induced labor

4. Can be curved ( radial roofing)

5. Accelerate installation time needed.

6. Preventing rust due to accumulation of project location before installation ( puddles can cause damage to the structure of the coating so it is easy to rust ) .

7. The production of original quality .